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  Instructions of Molecular Sieve

1.Filling steps of molecular sieve

 a.Before filling the equipment must be thoroughly purged to ensure that no residual dust and impurities in the device.

 b.Filling began after completely clean, and should be compact.

 c.After the equipment operation 2-3 cycles, opening the filling pore, doing second filling to prevent the gap and the wear and tear caused by activated alumina moving.

 d.Timely observing the pressure in the operation of the equipment, so that activated alumina not be damaged by equipment malfunction.

 e.In addition, sometimes also choosing to install the layered balls to compact sphere in the tank.

2.Regeneration of molecular sieve

 a.Molecular sieve zeolite regeneration process is directly related to the use effects and service time.

 b.Molecular sieve regeneration temperature should be maintained at 250℃-350℃ with 6-8 hours.


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