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Insulated Glass Molecular Sieve

  • Insulated Glass Desiccant Type A

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    Insulated Glass Desiccant Type A

    Brief Description Specifications A type (synthetic zeolite) Shape:Sphere ; Diameter: 1.5-2.0mm:Bulk Density(g/ml)=0.68-0.78g/ml; Equilibrium Water Capacity (25?)=19.0-21.5wt%; Equilibrium Nitrogen Capacity:=2.0mg/g; Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O;Crush...Read More

  • Insulated Glass Desiccant Type B

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    Insulated Glass Desiccant Type B

    Brief Descriptions Specifications B type (attapulgite clay) Shape:Sphere ; Diameter: 1.5-2.0mm;Bulk Density: =0.70g/ml; Equilibrium Water Capacity(RH=75%):=35.0wt%; Equilibrium Nitrogen Capacity:=1.0mg/g; Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O; CrushStrength:=20N;Water...Read More

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