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Activated Alumina suppliers

  • High Grade Activated Alumina Fluorine Remover

    Contact NowHigh Grade Activated Alumina Fluorine RemoverActivated Alumina Fluorine Removal Agent This activated alumina defluoridation is a white spherical porous particle, particle size is very uniform, surface is smooth, mechanical strength, moisture absorption is strong, not expanding crack, remains intact after water absorption, non-toxic,...Read More

  • Alumina Ceramic Ball

    Contact NowAlumina Ceramic BallAlumina ceramic is industrial alumina and kaolin as the main raw material, through forming and high temperature above 1300 ? sintering production. It has high mechanical strength, stability and thermal stability of chemistry features,alumina ceramic ball can be resistant to high temperature and...Read More

  • Wood Powdered Activated Carbon

    Contact NowWood Powdered Activated CarbonWood powdered activated carbon The appearance of this product is black powder, odorless. Properties: Products use natural firewood forest as raw material, and shape up with physical activation. The goods have high purity, strong decolorizing power, and filter speed is fast, with excellent...Read More

  • Peach Shell Granular Activated Carbon

    Contact NowPeach Shell Granular Activated CarbonAppearance of this product is irregular shape particles, odorless. Properties: Product is made of longkou big peach shell as raw material after high temperature steam activation. The goods have high mechanical strength, pore developed, strong adsorption capacity, and grain is uniform, applies to...Read More

  • Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina

    Contact NowPotassium Permanganate Activated AluminaPotassium permanganate activated alumina is a common chemical adsorption materials, advanced new type environmentally friendly catalyst. It uses potassium permanganate strong oxidizing to decomposite harmful gas in the air, to achieve the purpose of purifying. To the harmful gas of sulfur oxides...Read More

  • Coal Columnar Activated Carbon

    Contact NowCoal Columnar Activated CarbonAppearance of this product is black columnar, odorless. Properties: Products use low ash water to wash anthracite in Ningxia as raw material, and shape up in Snape furnace by steam activation. It has a large specific surface area, pore and micro pore structure are developed, with excellent...Read More

  • Activated Alumina Desiccant

    Contact NowActivated Alumina DesiccantActivated alumina desiccant is non-toxic, odourless, not powder, insoluble in water. This activated alumina desiccant is a X - type rho activated alumina desiccant, white ball, adsorption ability of water. Under certain operating conditions and the conditions of regeneration of its depth gets up...Read More

  • Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

    Contact NowCoconut Shell Granular Activated CarbonAppearance of this product is black irregular particles, odorless. We are activated carbon supplier Properties : Products use imported coconut shell as raw material, the goods have developed pore, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, with good use effect. Applied to heap...Read More

  • High Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Activated Alumina

    Contact NowHigh Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Activated AluminaActivated alumina manufacturer for hydrogen peroxide is white, spherical porous material; it is non-toxic, odourless, not pulverization, insoluble in water, esters, hydrocarbons, alcohols, organic solvents, in water and alkali is not pulverization, the same soft, clarify degree is high, has long...Read More

  • High Grade Activated Alumina Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

    Contact NowHigh Grade Activated Alumina Sulfur Recovery CatalystActivated alumina water treatment is mainly used in oil refinery Claus sulfur recovery unit, the collection of furnace gas purification system, the urban gas purification system, a synthetic ammonia plant, barium strontium salt industry, methanol plant desulfurization regeneration after sulfur...Read More

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