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China Catalyst

  • Potassium Permanganate Activated Alumina

    Contact NowPotassium Permanganate Activated AluminaPotassium permanganate activated alumina is a common chemical adsorption materials, advanced new type environmentally friendly catalyst. It uses potassium permanganate strong oxidizing to decomposite harmful gas in the air, to achieve the purpose of purifying. To the harmful gas of sulfur oxides...Read More

  • Super Advanced Y Type Zeolite

    Contact NowSuper Advanced Y Type ZeoliteZeolite catalyst refers to a diamond-like hexagonal close-packed structure.It has arelatively high crystallinity and silica-alumina ratio,wherein the relativelycrystallinity is no less than 88%, and the SiO 2 /Al 2 O 3 molar ratio is no less than 5.2.We are zeolite manufacturer.Read More

  • High Purity ZSM-5

    Contact NowHigh Purity ZSM-5Brief description Zeolite adsorbent zeolite, belonging high-silica zeolite and having a Si/Al ratio of up to 1000 and above, also shows the hydrophobic characteristic. The structure feature of such a zeolite is that the vertical and horizonal parts are crystalline aluminosilicate composed of...Read More

  • super advanced  ╬▓Type Zeolite

    Contact Nowsuper advanced ╬▓Type ZeoliteZeolite powder, having a unique three-dimensional 12-membered ring cross channelstructure, is composed by mixing two polycrystals which are closely related toeach other in the structure, and the two polycrystals are composed of theteraedral structure units (TBU) which are symmetric based on the...Read More

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