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China Silica Gel

  • Food Grade Blue Silica Gel Indicator

    Contact NowFood Grade Blue Silica Gel IndicatorBlue silica gel indicator for is the glassy blue grain, changes and changes of water vapor adsorption quantity along with the space medium relative humidity, and shows different colors, still can restore color after drying. In addition to have the function of the general desiccant, but also has...Read More

  • China good quality blue silica gel desiccant

    Contact NowChina good quality blue silica gel desiccantC hina good quality blue silica gel desiccant blue S ilica gel desiccant Product description: Kiselgel A including pore spherical silica gel and pore bulk silica gel has a transparent or translucent appearance with average pore diameter 2.0-3.0nm,specific surface 650-800m2/g, pore volume...Read More

  • China silica gel products

    Contact NowChina silica gel productsChina silica gel Product China silica gel Product Introduction : The appearance of macropore silica gel is white, has massive, spherical shape. Average pore size is 8.0-10.0nm, specific surface area is 300-300 m 2 /g, pore volume is 0.8-1.0 ml/g, specific heat is 0.92 KJ/kg.?, coefficient of...Read More

  • Macropore Silica Gel

    Contact NowMacropore Silica GelThe types of silica gel appearance of micropore silica gel is transparent and semi-transparent particles. Average pore diameter is 2.0-3.0 mm, specific surface area is 650-650 m2/g, pore volume is 0.3-0.45 ml/g, specific heat is 0.92 KJ/m.h r. ?. Mainly used for gas purification agents,...Read More

  • Water Resisting Silica Gel

    Contact NowWater Resisting Silica GelSilica gel desiccant has white spherical particle appearance, high micropore structure,and acid (except hydrofluoric acid), alkali resistance properties. Thermal stability is good. Non-toxic, odourless. Has the high resistance to water and adsorption capacity. High crushing strength, long...Read More

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