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Web Site: http://www.lvmolecularsieve.com

Molecular Sieve For Automobile factory

  • Air Brake System Drying Desiccant

    Contact NowAir Brake System Drying DesiccantBrief description Specifications Shape: Sphere ; Diameter:1.6-2.5mm; BulkDensity:=0.70-0.80g/ml;Equilibrium Water Capacity (25?):=19.0-21.0wt%;Heatof Adsorption: 1800 BTU/lb of H2O;Crush Strength: =50-100N;Attrition Rate(Dry):=0.1wt%;AttritionRate(Dry):=0.1wt%;AttritionRate(Wet):=1.5wt%;Size...Read More

  • Air Conditioning Systems Desiccant

    Contact NowAir Conditioning Systems DesiccantSpecifications Applications As a desiccant for the dehydration of compressed air in heavy duty andmedium duty truck, bus, train and high speed rail air conditioner systems.Read More

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