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Special Molecular Sieve manufacturers

  • Carbon Molecular Sieve -240

    Contact NowCarbon Molecular Sieve -240Read More

  • molecular sieve 3A adsorbent desiccant

    Contact Nowmolecular sieve 3A adsorbent desiccantmolecular sieve 3A adsorbent desiccant is a highly porous, crystalline aluminosilicate (molecular sieve) in beaded form. The pore openings in the crystals have a diameter of approximately 3Å .It's large enough to allow in moisture, but excludes molecules such as CO2 ,N2, O2 etc. molecular...Read More

  • CHINA High grade molecular sieve 5A

    Contact NowCHINA High grade molecular sieve 5ACHINA High grade molecular sieve 5A CHINA High grade molecular sieve 5A product details: A main component of A-type molecular sieve is aluminosilicate, with a LTA-type skeletal structure made of silicon-oxy and alumina tetrahedron. The main crystal structure is eight membered rings. In molecular...Read More

  • molecular sieve desiccant

    Contact Nowmolecular sieve desiccantmolecular sieve desiccant M olecular sieve desiccant t echnical Index: molecular sieve desiccant a pplication: Applied to the dehydrating gas streams of unsaturated hydrocarbon (e.g. ethylene, propylene, butadiene, acetylene, etc.) in olefin crackers prior to cryogenic separation of LPG or other...Read More

  • First-rate molecular sieve desiccant

    Contact NowFirst-rate molecular sieve desiccantFirst -rate molecular sieve desiccant First -rate molecular sieve desiccant Basic Info: In molecular sieve 3A, potassium ion exchange of sodium ion, the formation with a pore opening of 3Å (1Å=1×10-10m), that is type 3A (also known as KA-type) molecular sieve. First-rate molecular sieve...Read More

  • Molecular Sieve For Ethylene Dehydration

    Contact NowMolecular Sieve For Ethylene DehydrationXi'an Lvneng Purification Technology Limited with professional molecular sieve for ethylene dehydration factory, is a best China molsieve dehydration, mole sieve dehydration, molecular sieve dehydration, molecular sieve dehydration process, molecular sieve ethanol dehydration, ethanol...Read More

  • Molecular Sieve Special for Oxygen Generator

    Contact NowMolecular Sieve Special for Oxygen GeneratorMolecular Sieve Special for Oxygen Generator Molecular Sieve Special for Oxygen Generator Brief description: Molecular Formula:3/4CaO·1/4Na 2 O·Al 2 O 3 ·2 SiO 2 ·9/2H 2 O SiO 2 / Al 2 O 3 : ˜ 2 Normal Pore Opening:5 Angstroms Shape:Sphere and strip Color:Light yellow, beige, khaki Molecular...Read More


    Contact NowCMS-260 CARBON MOLECULAR SIEVECMS-260 CARBON MOLECULAR SIEVE Basic Info Model NO.: CMS260 Grade: Industrial Grade Temperature Range: 0c-1300c & 300c-1300c Max Working Temperature: 1200c Trademark: lvneng Specification: different model different sizes Brand: lvneng Carbon Content: Medium-Carbon Forming Way: Molded...Read More

  • 13X Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now13X Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere;Diameter:3.0-5.0mm;Bulk Density:=0.65-0.80g/ml;EquilibriumWater Capacity ( 25?):=24.0-27.0wt%; EquilibriumCarbon Dioxide Capacity:=18wt%;Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O;Crush Strength:=80-130N;Attrition Rate:=0.1wt%;Size...Read More

  • 3A Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now3A Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere ;Diameter: 3.0-5.0mmBulk Density: =0.65-0.80g/ml; Equilibrium WaterCapacity (25?): =19.0-21.0wt% ; EquilibriumEthylene Capacity:=3.0mg/g ; Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lbof H2O ;Crush Strength: =80-130N; Attrition Rate: =0.1% ; Size Qualification:...Read More

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