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molsieve 5a factory

  • CHINA High grade molecular sieve 5A

    Contact NowCHINA High grade molecular sieve 5ACHINA High grade molecular sieve 5A CHINA High grade molecular sieve 5A product details: A main component of A-type molecular sieve is aluminosilicate, with a LTA-type skeletal structure made of silicon-oxy and alumina tetrahedron. The main crystal structure is eight membered rings. In molecular...Read More

  • 5A Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now5A Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere;Diameter:3.0-5.0mm;Bulk Density:=0.65-0.80g/ml;Equilibrium Water Capacity( 25?):=20.5-22.0wt%;EquilibriumN-hexane Capacity:=14.0wt%;Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O; Crush Strength:=80-130N;Attrition Rate:=0.1wt%;Size Qualification:=98%;Package...Read More

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