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sieves 3A

  • molecular sieve 3A adsorbent desiccant

    Contact Nowmolecular sieve 3A adsorbent desiccantmolecular sieve 3A adsorbent desiccant is a highly porous, crystalline aluminosilicate (molecular sieve) in beaded form. The pore openings in the crystals have a diameter of approximately 3Å .It's large enough to allow in moisture, but excludes molecules such as CO2 ,N2, O2 etc. molecular...Read More

  • 3A Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now3A Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere ;Diameter: 3.0-5.0mmBulk Density: =0.65-0.80g/ml; Equilibrium WaterCapacity (25?): =19.0-21.0wt% ; EquilibriumEthylene Capacity:=3.0mg/g ; Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lbof H2O ;Crush Strength: =80-130N; Attrition Rate: =0.1% ; Size Qualification:...Read More

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