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zeolite molecular sieve desiccant

  • 4A Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now4A Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere; Diameter:3.0-5.0mm;Bulk Density:=0.65-0.80g/ml; Equilibrium Water Capacity (25?):=20.5-22.5wt%; Equilibrium Methanol Capacity:=15.0wt%;Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O; Crush Strength:=85-160N;Attrition Rate:=0.1wt%;Size Qualification:=98%;...Read More

  • 5A Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now5A Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere;Diameter:3.0-5.0mm;Bulk Density:=0.65-0.80g/ml;Equilibrium Water Capacity( 25?):=20.5-22.0wt%;EquilibriumN-hexane Capacity:=14.0wt%;Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lb of H2O; Crush Strength:=80-130N;Attrition Rate:=0.1wt%;Size Qualification:=98%;Package...Read More

  • Carbon Molecular Sieve -260

    Contact NowCarbon Molecular Sieve -260Read More

  • 3A Molecular Sieve

    Contact Now3A Molecular SieveBrief description Specifications Shape:Sphere ;Diameter: 3.0-5.0mmBulk Density: =0.65-0.80g/ml; Equilibrium WaterCapacity (25?): =19.0-21.0wt% ; EquilibriumEthylene Capacity:=3.0mg/g ; Heat of Adsorption:1800BTU/lbof H2O ;Crush Strength: =80-130N; Attrition Rate: =0.1% ; Size Qualification:...Read More

  • Carbon Molecular Sieve 220

    Contact NowCarbon Molecular Sieve 220Read More

  • Molecular Sieve For Ethylene Dehydration

    Contact NowMolecular Sieve For Ethylene DehydrationXi'an Lvneng Purification Technology Limited with professional molecular sieve for ethylene dehydration factory, is a best China molsieve dehydration, mole sieve dehydration, molecular sieve dehydration, molecular sieve dehydration process, molecular sieve ethanol dehydration, ethanol...Read More

  • Carbon Molecular Sieve -240

    Contact NowCarbon Molecular Sieve -240Read More

  • Activated Alumina Desiccant

    Contact NowActivated Alumina DesiccantActivated alumina desiccant is non-toxic, odourless, not powder, insoluble in water. This activated alumina desiccant is a X - type rho activated alumina desiccant, white ball, adsorption ability of water. Under certain operating conditions and the conditions of regeneration of its depth gets up...Read More

  • Molecular Sieve Kdhf-03

    Contact NowMolecular Sieve Kdhf-03F-03can absorb the trace amounts of low-level fluoride in SF6, acidoidand water, etc. Specifications ApplicationS KDHF-03 has a strong water absorption and sound absorption of low-level fluoride as well.Production and purification in fluorine chemical industry. Standard Packaging 22Kg/Drum, or...Read More

  • Super Advanced Y Type Zeolite

    Contact NowSuper Advanced Y Type ZeoliteZeolite catalyst refers to a diamond-like hexagonal close-packed structure.It has arelatively high crystallinity and silica-alumina ratio,wherein the relativelycrystallinity is no less than 88%, and the SiO 2 /Al 2 O 3 molar ratio is no less than 5.2.We are zeolite manufacturer.Read More

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